3 July: International Plastic Bag Free Day

There is hardly an inch of ocean trash-free due to the widespread presence of plastic in our rivers and
oceans. Nonetheless, towns and cities are demonstrating that there are alternative options all around
the world. People are demanding an end to plastic bag use and saying no to plastic pollution.

The truth about several varieties of “degradable” plastic bags and their effects on the environment is
being revealed through forums hosted by various organizations that want a plastic ban. Indeed, calling
for a ban on plastic bags in the country, Sonia Mendoza, President of the EcoWaste Coalition of the
Philippines, stated that “Degradable plastic bags will not help solve our environmental problems
concerning waste and pollution, as their use will merely instill and promote further the throwaway
attitude and culture that have so permeated modern society.”

She exhorted people to avoid plastic pollution by using reusable bags.

International Plastic Bag Free Day


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