SEAMEO, UNP tandem for first ever Metaverse tech training

Immersive environment with limitless possibilities.

The University of Northern Philippines and Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) joined forces to organize the International Training-Workshop on Advanced Metaverse Technology.

Hosted by the University of Northern Philippines, the 13-day training is held at the UNP Tadena Hall starting on November 8, 2023 until November 20, 2023.

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Mr. Ananto introduces Metaverse Technology during the opening program.

UNP is the first university in the Philippines to get a training from SEAMEO on this type of technology. The 13-day program would provide participants with an opportunity to hone their skills while having fun and exploring Metaverse.

The faculty and students from the College of Communication and Information Technology were the participants in the said event.

They pointed out that they were grateful and privileged for this event, as it brings new knowledge and learnings that could mold the students in their future careers.

Mr. Noel Rafanan, instructor at CCIT, described the event as “Imagination meets reality.”

The event commenced with the opening remarks of Dr. Eva Marie Avila, OIC of the Public and International Affairs Office. Dr. Avila stressed the need for continuous learning and exploring possibilities that could make the university without borders.

Following the opening remarks of Dr. Avila, UNP President Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna delivered his message.

Dr. Cadorna said that metaverse could open opportunities for the University to collaborate with more partners abroad. Being the first university in the Philippines to receive SEAMEO training, UNP is establishing a precedent that will expand its reach and depth in the field of technology and create meaningful experiences for learners and faculty.

Dr. Edelyn A. Cadorna, Director-URDO, introduced the Guest Speaker all the way from Indonesia, Mr. Rizky Anugrah Ananto, a Data Science and Metaverse Practitioner.

Mr. Ananto is a Machine Learning and Data Science enthusiast, with mathematics as his primary interest, he leverages data to create solutions that are specifically suited to the needs of the company or organization.

“Metaverse, a virtual world. Reassembling the world, to connect every university through metaverse. We are expanding to create a multicampus environment that will allow students to create a world that closely resembles the real world.” Mr. Ananto quipped as he delivered his message. He encouraged the faculty and students to work with 3D modelling and be able to create their own metaverse as they start the training proper in the afternoon.

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Mr. Ananto facilitates the workshop at the CCIT laboratory.


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