The University of Northern Philippines (UNP) has joined the “Regional Science, Technology, and Innovation Week Celebration,” showcasing its unwavering dedication to advancing science and technology in the North.

The prestigious event, taking place at the Ilocos Norte Centennial Arena in Laoag City, marks a significant opportunity for UNP to participate in a wide array of activities and collaborations aimed at fostering innovation and scientific progress. The event is scheduled to run from October 17 to 18, 2023.

The UNP delegation, led by the institution’s president, Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna, arrived in Laoag City with an enthusiastic and forward-thinking spirit. In addition to the President, the delegation includes the deans of various colleges within UNP and the director, coordinators, and staff of the University Research and Development Office (URDO).

“The Regional Science, Technology, and Innovation Week is a crucial platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and innovations in the field of science and technology,” Dr. Cadorna said.

“We are excited to participate in this event and engage with other educational institutions, government agencies, and private sector partners to advance our collective mission of fostering innovation and progress in Region I,” he added.

The event’s agenda includes keynote speeches from eminent scientists, industry leaders, and government officials who will provide valuable insights into the region’s current state of science and technology. The presentations will cover a wide range of topics, from cutting-edge research to emerging technological trends.

Moreover, the affair will also host a series of exhibitions where students and professionals from various fields can display their innovative projects and research findings.

UNP is determined to make a lasting impression during this activity by exhibiting products of the Mushroom Research and Development Center (MRDC) and the Aquamarine Resources Research Development Center (AMRRDC), two of the research centers of URDO.

As the event unfolds in two days, UNP’s delegation and attendees will have the opportunity to network, collaborate, and learn from peers, all with the common goal of advancing science and technology in Region I. This event is expected to foster partnerships and synergies that will contribute to the growth and development of the region’s scientific and technological ecosystem.

UNP’s participation in the “Regional Science, Technology, and Innovation Week Celebration” reflects the university’s dedication to fostering an environment of innovation, research, and progress in the Northern Philippines region.