BEEd faculty, students hold literacy program, research dissemination

Being one with the Department of Education in making every learner a reader, the Bachelor of Elementary Education faculty members held “Project DUR-AS (Dagiti Ubbing Raemenda ti Adal ken Siensia,” a literary program and research dissemination, at the Salindeg–Pong-ol–Barraca Elementary School, Vigan City on November 24, 223.

The objective of the activity is to aid elementary pupils to improve their reading skills and to disseminate research output among the teachers of the said elementary school.

BEEd students facilitate the reading program.

It also allows stakeholders’ participation in UNP’s research agenda. More importantly, it ensures that all youth and a substantial proportion of adults, both men and women, achieve literacy and numeracy, which is in line with SDG 4: ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education.

Dr. Eleuteria Pacpaco, the program head, pointed out that the pupils are benefited from these extension programs through developing in them not only the interest to love learning but also the competence that they need in the classroom setting.

The iteration of the extension program on November 24 is the second. 36 beneficiaries were present.

Furthermore, the research dissemination, held at the Learning Resource Center, started just right after the literary program. All teachers, headed by the Head Teacher, Mrs. Azenith Ramos, were present. Three research output were disseminated.

Dr. Necy Cesaria V. Romo presented the research entitled “Teachers’ Performance: An Input to Teacher Development Plan” co-authored with Dr. Pacpaco.

Dr. Pacpaco also presented the research entitled “Stress Proneness of Teachers in the Field of Work,” co-authored with Dr. Romo and Dr. Ma. Jesusa R. Unciano.

The last presenter was Dr. Rainalda T. Rambuyon who shared her research with Mr. Jake Garnace entitled “Sequential Explanatory Study of the Influence of Generational Difference and Grit Level to Faculty Performance.”

Fliers of the presented studies were also distributed to the teachers


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