The University of Northern Philippines through the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Information and Technology Infrastructure Management and Development Services Office (ITIMDSO), and College of Communication and Information Technology, initiated a training program on the online enrollment system for all the faculty, enrollment facilitators, staff from the Cashier’s Office, Accounting Office, and Registrar’s Office last January 19-21.  

Conducted via Zoom, the three-day training program served as an avenue to provide the needed assistance in the online enrollment and grades entry. Mr. Jayson Esporna, Hytec Power Programmer, served as the speaker on the module, Training of Faculty on Grades Entry to the Online Enrollment System. He also gave the lecture on the module, Training on Online Enrollment System- A Walkthrough Version 2.0- Registrar’s Process. Also, Mr. Allen Salomon, Hytec Power Developer, also served as the speaker on the following modules: Training on Online Enrollment System- A Walkthrough Version 2.0- Enrolment/Subject Scheduling for Assistant Deans and Clerks; Training on Online Enrollment System- Accounting Process; and Training on Online Enrollment System-Cashiering Process. 

Dr. Rolando B. Navarro, VP for Academic Affairs, put forward the significance of the training especially with the upcoming enrollment schedule for the second semester. He also encouraged the faculty members and university staff involved to take advantage of the training program. “Let us ensure that we are providing quality services to our students as the most significant stakeholders of the university,” he emphasized.

ITIMDSO’s Director, Dr. Shareen A. Navarro, also highlighted the training’s rationale/statement of purpose. She mentioned that this activity entitled UNP-PRIISMS Online Enrolment Users Training served as one of the major approaches in attaining the objectives of the sponsored offices to provide the needed assistance to the university’s clienteles.

“The training can also provide responsive, relevant, and sustainable services to the community, uphold university without borders, also create a brand for the university, ensure good governance, construct state-of-the-art infrastructure, and finally mainstream gender and development,” she added.

The ITMDSO, headed by Dr. Navarro, was also composed of four office Heads:  Dr. Richard C. Arruejo, Head, Network Systems & Operations Services; Mr. Christopher A. Fontejon, Head, University Computer Maintenance Services; Dr. Bryan Irvin J. Lamarca, Head, IT Quality Management System; and Dr. Arpee C. Arruejo, Head, Information Systems Management and Development Services. The office is geared towards improving the university’s ICT infrastructure.

The College of Communication and Information Technology headed by their Dean, Prof. Rosanne S. Agup, also helped in facilitating the training program.