QA conducts orientation for QMS teams


The Quality Assurance Office held the Orientation and Re-orientation of the Duties and Responsibilities of the Quality Management System (QMS) Teams (Process Owners) at the Tadena Hall on June 6, 2024. The program focused on refreshing knowledge on the roles and responsibilities of process owners and internal quality audit members, ensuring that they can effectively address non-conformities through root cause analysis.

The activity also aimed to enhance the understanding and commitment to quality management principles and practices among all stakeholders. This joint effort is crucial for maintaining quality excellence within the University and ensuring that services meet and exceed the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

The program was graced by Dr. Eva Marie Avila, Director of Quality Assurance Office. She emphasized the importance of teamwork and collective effort in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of processes. She stressed that quality is everybody’s responsibility and that active participation from each individual is necessary for a successful quality management system.

Dr. Necy Romo, ISO Coordinator, mentioned in the statement of purpose, that the QMS orientation and reorientation program aims to foster a deep understanding and commitment to the principles and practices of quality management among all process owners and stakeholders. The program is designed to invigorate their knowledge on the exploration of duties, responsibilities, and functions for maintaining quality and excellence within the university. The QMS Team plays a vital role in ensuring that products or services meet and exceed the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna, UNP President, commended the Quality Assurance Office for their work and efforts on the improvement of the QMS. He expressed his gratitude for the recent accolade of being ranked in the Times Higher Education and encourages the team to sustain their efforts to achieve even higher rankings in the future.

Dr. Cadorna also emphasized the importance of quality education and services, stating that the University is working hard to come up with quality education and services for their students. He admitted that it is impossible to achieve perfection, but it is necessary to continuously review and improve the quality management system to conform to changing times.

Simultaneous presentations from the different team leaders followed. The presentations started with VP Albert Tejero, Risk Management Team Leader, who discussed the risk management process. He emphasized the importance of identifying, analyzing, and mitigating potential risks to ensure the smooth operation of the organization’s quality management system.

Next, Mr. Rino Reyes, QMS Team Leader, talked about ISO requirements and documentation. He highlighted the need for clear and comprehensive documentation to meet the standards set by ISO and ensure consistency in the organization’s processes.

Ms. Ma. Editha Ramos, Knowledge Management Team Leader, discussed the procedure for controlling internally generated documents. She stressed the impact of maintaining accurate and up-to-date records to support the organization’s quality management system and facilitate decision-making.

Atty. Gerwin Rabang, Training and Advocacy Team Leader, presented and pointed out training needs. He put emphasis on the significance of continuous learning and development to ensure that employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their roles effectively and contribute to the organization’s quality objectives.

Finally, Engr. Johnny Belizar, Quality Workplace Team Leader, discussed strategies for preventive maintenance. He highlighted the value of proactive maintenance to prevent equipment failures, minimize downtime, and ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality products and services.

These presentations provided a comprehensive overview of the key elements that makes an effective and efficient quality management system. By understanding these elements, process owners can work collaboratively to enhance the quality management system and drive continuous improvement.

Article by Rocelle Villanueva. Photos by Joel Tipon.


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