Congratulations to our R1AA winners!


The 2024 Region 1 Athletic Association (RIAA) Meet on April 19-27, 2024 held at the President Ferdinand E. Marcos Memorial Stadium in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, witnessed a remarkable display of talent and determination by the student athletes from the University of Northern Philippines (UNP). The young athletes showcased their skills and passion for sports, bringing honor and recognition to the University through their outstanding performances in various competitions.

UNP’s student athletes excelled in a wide range of events, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and their ability to compete at different levels of sport battles. From track and field to swimming, from taekwondo poomsae and kyurogi to pencat silat, combative and artistic.

The standout performers from UNP Laboratory Schools were Xandra Nichole Quitoriano and Aoife Cadiente. They battled their way to a well-deserved silver medal finish for Taekwondo, Team Poomsae, a defined pattern of defense-and-attack motions in the context of Taekwondo.

Angela Diane Mayor also obtained a silver medal for Taekwondo, Kyurogi Lightweight Division. Kiefer Liu Rabena and Angel Grace Vivit got bronze medals as they competed on Taekwondo Kyurogi. Taekwondo Kyurogi is a sparring competition including weight categories. The UNP Taekwondo Team, headed by coach Renz Vermil Q. Ayson, has shown a remarkable display of skill and track record.

The willpower demonstrated by Lorenzo Matig-A was quite impressive as he obtained a bronze medal in the swimming category, 100 Freestyle Relay. With his Coach Gloryjoy Alejandria R. Rivad, Lorenzo’s conditioning and training has given him the drive and strength to eventually obtain this reward.

Lastly, Alexis Fagel showcased his talent and dedication, as he obtained bronze medals for pencat silat, combative and artistic, a fighting sport which collectively encompasses martial arts of various styles. Coached by Mr. Jade Caesar A. Fernandez, Fagel’s strength and determination during the competition was truly impressive.

The success of UNP’s student athletes at the 2024 RIAA Meet is a testament to the school’s commitment to sports development and the holistic development of its students. Through rigorous training, dedicated coaching, and unwavering support, UNP has nurtured a culture of excellence and sportsmanship among its student athletes, empowering them to reach their full potential and achieve success on the regional stage.

The recognition of UNP’s student athletes is not only a source of pride for the university but also an indication to the hard work, dedication, and passion of the athletes themselves. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to their peers and a reminder of the rewards that come from perseverance, discipline, and a never-give-up attitude.

Article by Rocelle Villanueva. Graphics by Joel Fabillaran.


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