Santa barangay, high school partner with UNP


Brgy. Manueva and Basug National High School of Santa, Ilocos Sur have partnered with the University of Northern Philippines. This is through a signing of a Memorandum of Agreement on April 2, 2024, signed by Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna, Brgy. Capt. Manuel A. Bajet Jr., and Dr. Maria Donalene B. Bernal (principal).

In this collaboration, the University of Northern Philippines will empower the LGU through the utilization of the capabilities of the College of Health Sciences.

The University shall utilize its resources wherein assistance, training, advocacy, consultancy services, and capability programs shall be introduced to the community. As such, the prospected recipient-school shall benefit from the agreement.

The College of Health Science, with Dean Joussie B. Bermio at the helm, paved the ways towards the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement. The community and the school shall be placed under the University’s Adopt-a-Community and Adopt-a-School program.

Through this agreement, UNP will provide medical and dental services for the residents of the community; information drives and other advocacy programs; skill trainings, technology transfer, and livelihood projects; and disaster risk reduction and management, basic life support, and rescue operations trainings.

“The CHS faculty look forward to this partnership. We are excited about the development of Brgy. Manueva and Basug National High School,” Dr. Bermio shared.

Article and photos by Ace Danielle Avero.


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