OVPAA conducts social and moral enhancement program for graduating students


The Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs organized a seminar on social and moral enhancement with the theme “Dialogue in Harmony with the Working Person” for graduating students at the UNP Gymnasium on May 29, 2024.

The seminar was designed to develop social, moral, and spiritual awareness, personal internalization, and meaningful contributions of graduating students to nation building.  Also, it aimed to help graduating students develop essential social and moral values, such as respect, empathy, and responsibility, which are crucial for success in their future careers.

Mr. Randolfo Lopez served as the keynote speaker. He shared the importance of education and encouraged everyone to continue chasing their dreams.

The seminar emphasized the importance of creating an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings, encouraging honest dialogue, and utilizing technology to facilitate open communication.

It also highlighted the value of recognizing and celebrating hard work, providing resources for professional development, and demonstrating reliability and trustworthiness to build trust among future colleagues. 

Article and photos by Noel Jnyx Tacas.


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