Training and advocacy team meet for better advocacy outcomes


The UNP Training and Advocacy team met at the Quality Assurance Office this morning, May 21, to maximize advocacy efforts through strategic training.

The orientation of the UNP Training and Advocacy team sets the foundation for effective advocacy efforts in the University. The team aims to ensure clarity, alignment, and effectiveness in advocacy initiatives.

Dr. Eva Marie C. Avila, director of the Quality Assurance Office, said that it is essential to start by redefining advocacy and its components to establish a common understanding among team members. Advocacy encompasses actions aimed at changing policies, drawing attention to issues, and influencing decision-makers towards solutions.

During the orientation, Dr. Necy V. Romo, QA leader, mentioned that it is important to educate team members on the various components of an advocacy campaign, including context, objectives, implementation, and evaluation. This comprehensive understanding helps advocates shape their efforts effectively to achieve desired outcomes.

Moreover, encouraging team participation in identifying advocacy goals and objectives fosters engagement and investment in the advocacy work ahead. This collaborative approach empowers team members to contribute meaningfully to the advocacy initiatives.

Lastly, the training and advocacy team laid a strong foundation for successful advocacy initiatives, as they focus on defining advocacy, educating team members and process owners on advocacy components, identifying goals and objectives collaboratively, understanding the target participants, and designing effective implementation of strategies.

Article by Rocelle Villanueva.


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