CFAD opens art exhibit 2024

The Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Visual Communication fourth year students opened exhibit entitled “VISCOMMERCIAL, Where Creativity Moves.” Their exhibition showcases various digital art such as animation, motion graphics, film production, graphic design, product packaging design, photography and user interface design. Their works are exhibited at the Student Lounge of the CFAD Building Ground Floor.

On the other hand, the Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Painting 4th year students exhibit, “Gathering the Puzzle Pieces,” showcases fine visual art pieces created in different mediums such as acrylic, anato seeds, oil paint, fabrics, bleach, pebbles, human hair, modernized easels and high breed art. Their works are exhibited at Galleria Estaban Villanueva CFAD Building 3rd Floor.

Both exhibits can be viewed from May 22 until May 31, 2024.

CFAD Dean Ashley Martinez commended the students for organizing the exhibition. He emphasized that arts are not all about what people see. Rather, it signifies the artist’s emotion and creativity. The opening of the painting exhibit was spearheaded by Dr. Martinez, together with the faculty of CFAD.

Article by Mikee Elaine Fiesta. Photos by Noelle Jnyx Tacas.


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