Training-workshop boosts faculty competencies on program accreditation


A two-day training-workshop on Program Accreditation was spearheaded by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, headed by VPAA Dr. Rolando B. Navarro, and the Quality Assurance Office, headed by Dr. Eva Marie Avila. Held at the Tadena Hall on March 14-15, the event gathered program heads and college coordinators for research and extension. The training aimed to strengthen faculty awareness and knowledge on what to expect and how to prepare for Level III and Level IV accreditation survey visits.

During the welcome address of VPAA Dr. Navarro, he emphasized the importance of keeping abreast with the times. He mentioned that the University curriculum and the delivery of instruction should be on par with world standards in excellence. He also hopes that the faculty will remain enthusiastic, determined, and passionate in performing the tasks related to accreditation.

UNP President, Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna, in his message, highlighted the University’s initiative in support to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 4.

“We go through this process to ensure a level of academic quality, demonstrating positive student outcomes which is seen through retention, graduation rates, and employment opportunities. The University also supports Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 4, which primarily aims to deliver quality education, with offerings of various forms of scholarship assistance to students in need,” Dr. Cadorna stated.

Thus, when the University opens opportunities for accessible quality education to all learners, it becomes a channel in changing the lives of students for them to be work-ready when they leave the University. He added that at the heart of it, accreditation plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of education provided by the University and the programs it offers.

The purpose of the program was to provide participants with the skills and information they need to improve their programs and make sure they adhere to the high criteria required for accreditation.

The speakers discussed conditions and standards that must be met for accreditation to be successful. Key aspects like faculty and curriculum, faculty development, research, extension and community, international linkages, well-developed planning, and library were addressed throughout the session.

In these crucial areas, participants received insightful information and direction on how to successfully achieve accreditation status. The training session offered insightful advice on how to successfully improve the programs offered in the University.

Article by Irene Abigail Guerrero. Photo by Joel Tipon.


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