UNP holds public lecture, discussion on the perils of plastic pollution

As part of the activities lined-up for the National Environmental Awareness Month Celebration, the UEMO conducted a public lecture and discussion on plastic pollution on November 29, 2023.

The public lecture was keynoted by the House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Kristine Singson Meehan, who underscored all and sundry’s cooperation and involvement if we are to beat plastic pollution. She particularly addressed the challenge to the students, the forum’s main participants, and who the keynote speaker referred to as the main generator of plastic wastes.

Meanwhile, Prof. Celso Jucutan, DMMSU’s Environmental Officer handled the main lecture and discussion part, where he presented the extent of plastic pollution in the region, the nature of plastics as polluting agents, and how plastics thrown on land find their way into our oceans, destroying the quality both of our land, air, and water resources.

The lecture was followed by a brief Q & A period with the audience, where questions such as the responsibility for marine plastic pollution, the necessary involvement of public institutions (municipalities and schools), and the like.


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