UNP conducts waste characterization audit

While there are a lot of uncertainties when it comes to workplaces, one thing that is a given is that all organizations produce waste. From business-related waste to food scraps from employees, students, and other university development partners, there is no escaping it. But by understanding what waste is produced and where, the university will be better equipped to handle and reduce waste, saving money and helping it to become more sustainable.

Aware of where a waste audit can help, the University Environmental Management Office, in partnership with the Environmental Science and Environmental Planning students, conducted one on November 29, 2023.

Through this waste analysis, we were able to determine the different types and amount of waste generated and found in the university waste stream. Students had a clear idea of what they are throwing out, how much, and what common contaminants they are producing. The audit helped determine how effective the existing waste management system already is, and identify areas for implementing new strategies.


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