The UNP Hospital administrators and personnel recognize that the physical environment has a significant impact on safety, patient comfort and healing as well as human performance. Patients coming for treatment may already be anxious, so the building’s design should not add more stress. Patients who experience frequent stress and anxiety are likely to have delayed healing. This is why it is important to have an environment that is peaceful and uplifting. Hospital rooms must foster the safety and comfort of patients and its ambiance should be as close as the comfort of their own homes. Patient comfort has been proven to be directly tied to their perception of “good care”. 

Today the University of Northern Philippines Hospital proudly opens its door to patients now dressed anew: Pediatric Ward, Female Ward, Male Ward and two Private Rooms. These new hospital room designs hope to have a significant impact on patient care and recovery outcomes. The hospital personnel painted and designed the rooms, an expression of their love to the patients they serve.

Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna (UNP President), Atty. Jonalyn Almachar (Board and University Secretary), and Dr. Edelyn Cadorna (URDO Director) graced the launching of the hospital’s new look.

Dr.  Marsha Michelle L. Cabuena is the OIC Hospital Administrator.

Female ward

Male ward

Pediatric ward

Private room 1

Private room 2

Source: UNP-Public Information Office