On June 29, 2022, the University of Northern Philippines launched its two open access journals; the Asian Journal of Education and Human Development (AJEHD) and The Vector: International Journal of Emerging Science, Technology and Management (IJESTM), formerly called the UNP Research Journal.

As the University adopts to the heed of globalization, these prestigious journals of the University are now accessible over the world wide web. Both journals’ Editorial lineup are spearheaded by capable and highly respected academicians from all over the country and abroad.

Dr. Guarang Rami, the Editor-in-Chief of The Vector, shared “This endeavor is a manifestation of the concern of the University with the dissemination of the research output in the world.” 

And this was seconded by the Editor-in-Chief of AJEHD. Dr. Deniza Alieva when she sent her appreciation to UNP, stating that the online launching of the journal shall pave the way for wider dissemination of research findings. She also emphasized that as academicians and research enthusiasts, we are expected to share our research with the world.

With this, research studies published in these two journals will be made available worldwide, and these are accessible through their respective web pages (https://ajehd.unp.edu.ph and https://vector.unp.edu.ph/). Further, both journals are now accepting research paper submissions. The deadline for the call for papers is on August 30, 2022.

Indeed, UNP, through the initiatives of the University Research Development Office (URDO) headed by the vibrant, Dr. Edelyn A. Cadorna, is leading quality standards in research and publication. This is manifested by giving our very own Ilokano researchers avenues for sharing and publishing their studies for wider use.

Article: Irene Abigail S. Guerrero | Graphics: ITIMDS-ISMDS