Manner of Appointment. The Vice President for Academic Affairs is designated by the President and confirmed by the Board of Regents.

Functions. The office shall:

  1. Implement educational policies and programs;
  2. Initiate and supervise curricular, instructional, and other academic activities;
  3. Plan, review, and update curricular offerings;
  4. Plan, design, and implement new academic programs;
  5. Supervise and evaluate faculty;
  6. Provide impetus for continued growth and development of the faculty; and
  7. Perform other related functions.

THE OFFICE OF THE SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO THE VICE PRESIDENT FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS. Manner of Appointment.  The Special Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs shall be designated by the President.

Functions. His office shall:

  1. Consolidate faculty workload, room assignments, and scheduling of classes;
  2. Monitor concerns of academic units;
  3. Help in the performance of the functions of the VPAA; and
  4. Perform other related functions.