Despite the threats of COVID-19 resurgence, the Medical Services Office and the College of Health and Sciences (CHS) of the University of Northern Philippines successfully launched its first medical mission in years in Villamar, Caoayan on May 9, 2023.

BS Nursing interns start the consultation with Villamar residents through obtaining their vital signs.

The medical mission provided essential healthcare services to the local community, marking a significant milestone in the post-pandemic era. The college remained committed to its mission of improving the health and well-being of communities throughout the region. The medical mission was led by a team of highly-skilled healthcare professionals together with the students of CHS who provided a range of services, including consultations, check-ups, and treatment for various illnesses. The team also distributed essential medications to those in need, ensuring everyone in the community had access to the required care. In addition to providing healthcare services to the community, the medical mission organized a lecture on water treatment, emphasizing the importance of proper water management to prevent food and waterborne diseases. The lecture was led by Prof. Sherwin Alvaro who shared her knowledge and expertise on the subject. 

Dr. Carmela M. Florentino delivered a lecture on stroke care to the community, with a focus on the challenges presented by stroke and how to promote sustainable and healthy living practices. She also emphasized the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms of stroke, managing its risk factors, and adopting healthy lifestyle habits to prevent stroke.

 Dr. Carmela M. Florentino delivers a lecture on preventing stroke.

As the medical mission ended, Dr. Duane Alden Oandasan, one of the healthcare professionals leading the mission, expressed his satisfaction in being able to serve a local community once again after the pandemic.

“Finally, after the pandemic, we were able to serve our people once again. I’m looking forward to more medical missions and outreach programs such as these in the near future,” he stated. 

Dr. Daune Oandasan offers free consultation.

Accordingly, the success of this medical mission may inspire more outreach programs, leading to better health outcomes for communities throughout the region.

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