Clean Air Month

The Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999, Republic Act No. 8749, has designated November as National Clean
Air Month (1). The Act calls for the establishment of a national program for managing air pollution, with
a primary emphasis on pollution avoidance, as well as the encouragement of mass media
communication to raise public awareness and encourage involvement in the planning and monitoring of
air quality.

Vehicle manufacturers, assemblers, and importers will get a Certificate of Conformity from the
Department of Environment and Natural Resources, attesting that this new vehicle or vehicle type
satisfies the Act’s required standards for pollution avoidance. In short, the act provides a thorough
strategy and program for managing air quality with the goal of achieving and preserving healthy air for
all Filipinos.

Due to the health risks associate d with smoking, the University of Northern Philippines’ premises are a
no-smoking environment. Every air conditioning system at the University, including the large industrial
units used in the auditoriums and the central air conditioning units for the buildings, uses
environmentally friendly coolant that complies with the Kyoto Protocol.


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