COMMference day 2 features Ilokano scholar from Hawaii

The second day of the COMMference 2024, headed by the Association of Communication Enthusiasts (ACE) with the theme “Interconnectedness: Rethinking Communication Competencies Leading to Engaging Societal Relations,” commenced at the UNP Auditorium on April 19. The highlight is a lecture by Dr. Aurelio Agcaoili, foremost Ilokano scholar from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Dr. Agcaoili delivered a lecture titled “Language and Intercultural Communication in a VUCA World,” focusing on the theme “COMMnected: Mindful Language in Intercultural Communication within a Changing World.”

During his lecture, Dr. Agcaoili emphasized the importance of transparent foundations and acknowledged power dynamics in intercultural communication. He highlighted the significance of understanding ideas, truths, and power over meaning in a constantly evolving world, especially within a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) context.

Additionally, Mr. Aljon P. Tugaoen, an Ilokano photographer and filmmaker, delivered a lecture titled “Photography in Today’s Era” with the theme “Beyond the Lens: Communicating and Capturing Overarching Perspectives Through Subject Photography.” He discussed the subjectivity of photography, the relationship between photography and travel, and the visual elements he utilized in his work.

Tugaoen provided tips for photography and highlighted the differences between artificial and natural elements, as well as the importance of light. He supplemented his presentation with examples of his own work and visual presentations to illustrate his points.

Additionally, the COMMference featured a screening of the film “GOMBURZA,” directed by Pepe Diokno, which garnered awards at the 49th Metro Manila Film Festival Gabi Ng Parangal. The movie portrays the lives of the three martyr priests in Philippine history: Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora.

Serving as an icebreaker, ACE also awarded special awards and individual awards per year level. They also held the Mr. and Ms. COMMference 2024, wherein representatives from different year levels showcased their wit and visuals.

The third runners-up were Lara Aliahna Pastor and Aaron Cerry Apalis from BA Comm 2. Maria Carmela Antonio from BA COMM 3 and Noelle Jnyx Tacas from BA COMM 4 secured the second runner-up positions. Ezekiah Eder Abrigonda and Jose Manuel Miranda from BA COMM 1 earned the first runner-up titles. Juliana Sol Rabago from BA COMM 4 and Marphie Viernes from BA COMM 3 were crowned as Mr. and Ms. COMMference 2024.

Article by Kennedy Jetajobe and Adrian Supnad. Photos by Noelle Tacas and Kleo Vash Madongit.


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