Peer facilitators trained for better service to students


Peer facilitators have been equipped to be of better service to their fellow students through a training conducted by the Guidance and Counseling Services (GCS & IOS) and Information and Services at the UNP Guestel on April 19, 2024.

The activity focused on orienting the peer facilitators about their responsibilities and roles and developing in them a deeper sense of service. It also aimed to enhance their listening and assisting skills to link with other students.

The peer facilitators program endeavors to empower students and develop them to become more effective and efficient partners of the GCS & IOS in the delivery of the different guidance services and activities.

Dr. Mariano Paterno F. Avila, director of the Office of Student Affairs and Services, emphasized in his opening remarks that the training would surely provide them valuable leadership skills.

Dr. Rolando B. Navarro, Vice President of Academic Affairs inspired the participants and emphasized: “As peer facilitators, you have the power to uplift, guide, and inspire those around you. Remember your impact extends far beyond the sessions you lead. You’re shaping futures and fostering growth with every interaction. Keep empowering and keep making a difference.”

Ms. Glenny Angelica B. Barrientos and Ms. Sarah M. Alcayaga, guidance counselors, discussed basic facilitating skills to empower peer facilitators to collaborate effectively, learn from each other, and achieve common objectives.

In addition, Ms. Ma. Winselda B. Realin and Ms. Pauline Yanssen G. Martinez discussed client identification to provide peer facilitators the basic skills in assisting their peers.

Finally, Ms. Rowena R. Mamuad discussed, guidance counselor and peer facilitators adviser, discussed “Looking to the Global Mind: A Plan of Action,” which encouraged the participants a clear route to take to efficiently achieve their objectives.


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