URDO consults students on Research Agenda 2023-2028


The University of Northern Philippines, through the University Research Development Office (URDO), held a consultation on the proposed Research Agenda for the years 2023-2028 at the university guestel. The event, which took place on April 5, saw participation from student-leaders representing various mandated and accredited organizations.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Albert R. Tejero, VP for Finance & Administration, emphasized that the consultation meeting was an opportunity to present the University’s research and development agenda.

He stressed the significance of this agenda in realizing practical research for program development, benefiting not only the faculty and staff but also the students. He underscored the vital role of research, stating “UNP should be a research university, but we cannot achieve much without the participation of the entire university community, both internal and external.”

In his message, Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna, UNP President, emphasized the importance of student-leaders’ efforts in uncovering new opportunities and addressing society’s pressing challenges. He urged every student, particularly leaders, to drive change, inspire peers, and advocate for university-related issues.

Cadorna also stressed the power of their voices and the value of their contributions in shaping research directions.

“By coming together as a UNP community, we have the opportunity to harness collective wisdom and expertise, and chart a course for research that is bold and responsive to societal needs,” Dr. Cadorna quipped.

Furthermore, the UNP Research Agenda 2023-2028 was presented by the URDO Area Coordinators. Dr. Corazon Pardo covered education. Ms. Bonna Mae Gorospe addressed social science. Dr. Mercita Queddeng focused on health and nutrition. Mr. Chris Paul Pagaoa discussed agriculture, fishery, forestry, and natural resources. Finally, Mr. Randolf Agup presented science & technology, energy, and industry.

Lastly, Dr. Edelyn A. Cadorna, Head of URDO, expressed gratitude to every student-leader present at the event, especially for their valuable suggestions regarding priority research and development areas.

She encouraged each of them to remain engaged in the University’s research initiatives, pursue their academic passions, and advocate for the value of research within and beyond the community.

“As we refine and expand our research agenda to better align with the diverse goals of our student body, let us remember that the University is more than just an institution—it is a community of leaders, scholars, and innovators. As student-leaders, you play a crucial role in shaping the future of this community,” she emphasized.

Article by Kennedy Jetajobe. Photo by Noelle Jnyx Tacas.


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