UEMO extends environmental expertise to LGU San Vicente, Ilocos Sur

The UEMO, in collaboration with the BS Environmental Science Program and the Public Information Office, conducted and Environment Awareness extension lecture in San Vicente, Ilocos Sur on December 1, 2023.

With the San Vicente LGU employees as the beneficiaries, the event was facilitated by the UEMO Director Prof. Anne Europa Morales, who emphasized on the need to properly manage solid wastes for the betterment of life on earth.

Before the lecture paper, the Town Mayor’s representative welcomed the extension delegates warmly, expressing the whole town’s appreciation for university’s initiative in conducting such lecture to the countryside which is in dire need of scientific knowledge for dealing with waste.

The lecture culminated in a waste audit workshop which saw the participants enthusiastically engaged in waste sorting and weighing to determine the types and volume of wastes generated by human activities in the municipality.


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