BS Computer Science students poised for practicum


The College of Communication and Information Technology conducted an orientation on July 5, 2024 at the UNP Tadena Hall. The program aimed to equip BSCS students with comprehensive guidance as they transition into the professional workforce and prepare for their upcoming practicum.

The event, tagged as “Dunong, Husay, at Ugali: An Extensive Practicum Orientation Program for BS Computer Science Students,” gathered about 58 students who are about to be deployed in their respective workplaces for their practicum.

Dr. Eva Marie C. Avila, Director of the Quality Assurance Office, served as the resource speaker and highlighted the significance of dunong (knowledge), husay (competence), and ugali (character) as the functional bedrock to overcome difficulties as they begin their practicum journey. Dr. Avila described the good and bad experiences that former interns had from their prior workplaces. She went on to say that no matter what bad things people encounter, good things will always come out in the end.

Prof. Caren Kate Q. Cubon gave inspiring welcome remarks to the BSCS students, urging them to follow their passions and set lofty goals without fear.

“Believe in your dreams and work tirelessly towards them. Achieving your dream job requires time, effort, perseverance, and dedication,” Prof. Cubon said.

Prof. Rosanne S. Agup, Dean of CCIT, wrapped up the workshop by restating the main ideas discussed to ensure the students are ready for their deployment. She stressed the value of professionalism, clear communication, and flexibility in the workplace.

Practicum is offered as part of the curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. On July 8, 2024, the fourth-year students will begin their practicum in their respective partnering agencies, industries, or offices.       

Article by Ade John T. Gestole. Photo by Jason Piano.


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