DSSP extension activity stresses environmental stewardship


In an inspiring community event held at the Fuerte Elementary School on April 19, 2024, young minds were ignited with the spirit of environmental stewardship through the extension activity titled “I am Responsible: Cultivating a Conscious Social Ethic “Pulot na Basura, May Pulot na Pag-asa” This program aimed at teaching the fundamental principles of recycling and waste management to the pupils.

Dr. Chase Mark Suyat, head of the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, opened the program by urging the pupils to absorb the day’s lessons profoundly. “Listen very well so that you can truly become heroes in your way of taking good care of nature,” Dr. Suyat advised the young audience.

The event featured a talk by Mr. Winston Padre, who emphasized the importance of being stewards of God’s creation. Following his presentation, the children participated in a tree planting activity, putting into immediate practice the lessons they had learned about caring for the environment.

The activity underscored the critical need for environmental consciousness amidst the global issues of environmental degradation and resource depletion. Through the metaphor of transforming waste into hope, the event highlighted how every small, responsible action contributes to broader positive change.

This extension program not only educated the pupils on the practical aspects of environmental care but also instilled a sense of responsibility and possibility, demonstrating how young individuals can indeed make a significant impact. The enthusiastic participation of the pupils suggests a promising future where these young minds lead the way in environmental stewardship and sustainable living.

Article by Daren Dawn C. Avila.


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