Empowering Healthcare Heroes: Lighting the Way Forward for Class Bannuar


[Thirteenth in a series: Valedictory addresses from the different colleges of the University of Northern Philippines are here featured as excellent graduates reflect on the journey behind them and as they forward to the next.]

Alexis Pearl T. Concordia, magna cum laude graduate of the BS Nursing program, delivered a powerful valedictory address that captured the essence of the resilience and determination embodied by the Class of 2024, affectionately known as “Bannuar,” the Ilokano word for heroes.

Overcoming Insurmountable Challenges

Concordia’s speech was a testament to the extraordinary journeys undertaken by her fellow graduates. She highlighted the stories of those who “fell short of the required average,” juggled side jobs to cover expenses, and endured the pain of losing loved ones, yet never wavered in their pursuit of their dreams.  These students, she proclaimed, are true “Bannuar” – a moniker that signifies courage and heroism in the face of adversity.

Juggling Responsibilities and Persevering

Concordia acknowledged the challenges faced by her classmates who balanced their studies with part-time jobs and side hustles, working late into the night and on weekends. She praised them as “jugglers,” each responsibility a ball they kept in the air, refusing to give up even when they felt “so tired to the extremes.”  Their mastery of balance and perseverance, she declared, is what makes them true “Bannuar.”

Overcoming the Distance and Grief

For some graduates, the journey was marked by the sacrifice of being away from their families to pursue their education at the University of Northern Philippines. Concordia likened them to “sailors on a long voyage,” who found the strength to persevere despite the loneliness of being in unfamiliar shores.  Others carried the weight of losing loved ones, yet they continued to push forward, driven by the desire to make their families proud.  Concordia honored these students as well, recognizing them as “Bannuar” for their unwavering resilience.

Embracing the Future with Determination

As the Class of 2024 prepares to embark on the next chapter of their lives, Concordia reminded them that the challenges they have overcome have forged their resolve and equipped them with the tools to conquer what lies ahead. She encouraged her classmates to remember their strength, resilience, and the incredible journey that brought them to this moment, using these memories as inspiration to tackle the challenges that await.

Concordia’s valedictory address was a powerful celebration of the collective victories of the Class of 2024, honoring their perseverance, resilience, and the indomitable spirit that has earned them the title of “Bannuar.”  As these healthcare heroes prepare to enter the next phase of their careers, they do so with the knowledge that they have the strength and determination to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way.

Looking forward to the time they will have passed the board exams, she assured her classmates: “This won’t be our last time together because I know that we will return for PAMMADAYAW 2024! As soon, we will also be heroes to someone’s life and to our nation.”


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