From UNP to UAE: Topnotcher shares her journey


In the journey of being a teacher, I always believe in the saying “Strive for Excellence, Teach with Passion.”

Teaching was never my dream when I was a child. I always looked up to becoming a doctor, an engineer, or a lawyer. My family supported me throughout the journey of my education. When I was deciding which course I would take in college, I made up my mind to pursue becoming a doctor. So, I took up BS Biology, a medical preparatory course. My life as a BS Biology student deeply imbued me with a deep passion for learning. My college instructors were very enthusiastic and supportive. They helped me explore the natural world and gave me a strong interest in scientific study and the desire to understand living organisms and their interactions with the environment.  This course prepared me to pursue a career in medicine. With the motivation and support from my family and college instructors, I graduated cum laude last 2007 from the UNP College of Arts and Sciences.

After graduation, my career path took a turn when St. Joseph Institute offered me to teach biology to high school students. I grabbed this opportunity. It was a wonderful experience dealing with these young minds. From then on, teaching became my passion. My passion for teaching surpassed my dream of becoming a doctor.

After a year, another opportunity knocked on to teach college students at the Ilocos Sur Community College. This became my home for four years. Along the way, I got married to Bejay, my ever supportive and loving husband and we built a family. We decided to move abroad to find better opportunities. By God’s grace, I got an offer as a primary teacher at a private school in the United Arab Emirates. With my skills and experiences, I was accepted to teach as a homeroom teacher at a government school in the UAE, where I am currently teaching.

The teaching profession embraces half of my life. I have been in the UAE for almost 13 years now.  I thought of one day going back to my home country and being home for good. But with my passion for teaching, I still want to teach when I get home in the Philippines. So, I took my teaching units online and decided to take the SPLE LET exam last June 2024. With great courage, determination, prayers, and of course, with the support of my husband, I was able to pass and top the board exam.

Acing the board exam requires unwavering commitment and dedication. Topnotchers excel not only because of their knowledge but also because of their ability to manage time efficiently. Despite working as a full-time teacher, I still managed to find time to do self-reviews. I believe that success is the result of consistent hard work and perseverance.

As I reflect on this achievement, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities, experiences, and knowledge that my alma mater has bestowed upon me. I am grateful beyond words to my alma mater, the University of Northern Philippines, for the invaluable role it played in my journey to becoming a board exam topnotcher. The foundation of knowledge, discipline, and values instilled in me during my time at school has been instrumental in shaping my success. From the expert teachers who imparted their wisdom to the rigorous academic curriculum that challenged and inspired me, every aspect of my education has contributed to this achievement.  I am forever indebted to every individual who has been a part of my academic journey.  I owe a significant part of this accomplishment to the nurturing environment and educational foundation laid by my school, UNP. 

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the UNP family for being the cornerstone of my academic journey and for playing a pivotal role in shaping me into a board exam topnotcher. The impact of its teachings and guidance will forever resonate in my achievements and serve as a testament to the profound influence of quality education.


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