The Center for Diabetes Care of the University of Northern Philippines Hospital is now fully operational, starting December 2022, by virtue of Board Resolution No. 46, s. 2022, signed by the UNP Board of Regents on 17 August 2022.

The Center is an offshoot of the latest research of the UNP Hospital, titled “Uncovering Health Problems of the UNP Personnel.” It found that among the 280 employees who underwent the annual medical examination, 41 (13.95%) were pre-diabetic, and 33 (11.22%) were overtly diabetic.

In addition, the study revealed that among the employees was the increased number of overweight and obese. 55 (19.3%) were found to be overweight; 105 (36.84%) were considered Obese 1; and 39 (13.68%) were Obese 2.

The board resolution highlighted that this said health situation prompted the hospital, in coordination with the University Research and Development Office (URDO), to “respond to the growing numbers of pre-overtly diabetic not only in UNP but also in the entire province of Ilocos Sur.”

“The University Hospital would like to be a relevant change advocate in the field of diabetes and help in curbing the increasing epidemic of diabetes in the country,” the resolution added.

Dr. Marsha Michelle L. Cabuena, OIC Hospital Administrator, shared that the project also aims to improve and expand the health services of the hospital to the UNP community, provide better training for students in the medical and allied professions, and serve as a platform for additional research.

“The Center aims to provide a holistic approach to the care of diabetic patients. It will utilize a multidisciplinary approach in the care of diabetics, with or without complications, high-risk groups, and even pre-diabetics,” Dr. Cabuena added.

Project contacts of the Center are Dr. Leorino Sobrepena (executive committee head), Dr. Marsha Michelle L. Cabuena (OIC hospital administrator), Dr. Rodela Quitevis (OIC chief of clinics), Dr. Peeble Agdamag (cardiologist), Dr. Trish de Grano (plastic surgeon), Dr. Rhea Narag (nephrologist), Dr. Faye Navarrete (ophthalmologist), Dr. Vida Andal (neurologist), Laryelle Quilala (chief nurse), Angeline Andia (diabetes educator), and Faye Sabado (nutritionist-dietician).

UNP employees and students can avail 10% discount of the Center’s services.

Source: UNP- Public Information Office


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